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When the stock cars of the CASCAR Super Series started racing at the track, the fish out of water syndrome of clumsy stock cars and mostly oval track racers have long provided an amusing race for fans. With road courses offering some of the best chances to mount a defence of his championship title, Andrew Ranger will be a favoured contender again based on his acquired road course mastery through smaller formula cars and the Champ car series. Not to be overlooked is the last year’s Mosport second place finisher JR Fitzpatrick who showed considerable strength in road racing competition. Also hot on the trail of these young guns are the experienced pros of Fastline Motorsports driven by Jim and Jeff Lapcevich. Piloting Tim Horton-sponsored Chevrolets numbered 23 and 25, they always bring out their A game for road courses or should I say, apex game. Wild cards include Alex Tagliani running his 1st full season with Jacombs Racing.


It is impossible to capture everything this invaluable trip meant to me in just a few sentences. I know that I will cherish the lessons I learned and the bonds I made for many years to come. When I walked into the auditorium and saw the colorful rectangular assortment of pipes, I thought I recognized the name emblazoned at its top.

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Sir Torrent of Portingale: Introduction

Cette rencontre franco allemande a permis la Maison du Vlo, ADFC et stages obligatoires ou hors-cursus, rencontres sportives ou culturelles, projets dengagement, cours de langue, offres demploi, formations interculturelles Le Collge des Bernardins est un espace de libert qui invite croiser les regards pour cheminer dans la comprhension du monde et btir un avenir Votre recherche: Loisir pour adultes toulouse. Trouvez les adresses qui vous intressent sur le plan de toulouse Abonnez-vous France Loisirs et recevez Livres, DVD, Blu ray, Romans de votre choix parmi une grande slection dauteurs et de ralisateurs Nos jardineries Truffaut vous accompagnent dans les univers du jardin, des animaux et de la maison.

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The largest engine in its class will power their latest, and according to them greatest, iteration of this popular category. That’s enough to get many people excited. New Whether you use it for commuting, running errands around town or hitting the open road just to have fun, the Honda Forza is a do-it-all scooter with a motorcycle feel that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Performance isn’t just about engine power and straight-line acceleration times; it also involves sharp handling and cornering, excellent braking, and other confidence-inspiring dynamics — as evidenced by the Honda CBR RR SP and others.

Best Beginner Bikes in To help you learn the ropes of motorcycle riding, the ideal beginner bike must handle safely and predictably through a sharp and lightweight chassis, and supply just enough power to get you out of tough spots. It must also be low enough to allow you to put both feet on the ground at idle, and preferably feature ABS technology for more confidence on the road.

A total of 10, bikes – more than 1, units ahead of the closest competitor – went off dealer lots. Now, for , the Japanese manufacturer is at it again, adding the entry-level, two-passenger Pioneer Boasting a compact design, 5-speed transmission, and convenient paddle shifting that’s right, just like a sporty car! Built at the company’s Kumamoto Factory in Japan, the historic bike is a Honda Gold Wing which itself will celebrate its 40th anniversary in Clearly aimed at riders who demand comfort, functionality, and versatility, it knows how to please the eyes with quality plastics and a matte black paint finish.

Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice the short rake, minimalist headstock, 17″ alloy wheels, and parallel twin-cylinder engine — stuff you normally see on a naked bike.

Villa Henson

Many Canadians forget that the Expo Express was the first automated system in North America, built c. Visitors were given the option of traveling directly back to the city by regular bus service on the left, rather than connect to the Metro from the Expo Express terminal. See the Expo Express in action at: Jones The Expo Express approaching the platform in July

I happened to drive by rang de la Fresnière street in St-Eustache where I crossed dozens of farms and attractions, some of which included: the Exotarium, stables, corn fields, cabane à sucre, an austriche farm and my two ‘pit-stops’ the Lavender farm La Maison Lavande and the .

The market for sports cars in the United States at the time was actually increasing so it was not the lack of buyers or interest that caused the sales to decline. It just needed a car that was more appropriate for the era to compete. Many times they were racing focused but they could also be purely social or sporting, supporting such events as car shows and rallies.

Another popular activity was organized hill climbs where members would compete with their cars to see who can climb a hill the fastest. In some of these events the cars actually climbed the hill backwards. Below are a few of the most important and influential organizations of the period. A few are still active and strong today.

California Sports Car Club In the late ‘s, after the war, the Los Angeles film industry had a resurgence and there was a lot of money to be spent on frivolous items by the Hollywood celebrities. Roger Barlow understood that and through his company, International Motors LA’s largest foreign car dealership , found a ready market for sports cars to these affluent buyers. To promote the exotic nature of the cars he saw a means to introduce sporting events for his potential customers.

Roger’s background was in car racing and he joined forces with John Von Neumann and Taylor Lucas an employee of Barlow’s to form a motor club to provide competitive events for themselves and other interested parties.

XSL Speed Reporter:

As the season draws to a close, the championship race is reaching a crucial point, results from the three races over the weekend could easily change standings. Multiple teams added extra cars and drivers to try and create on-track advantage. However, a high level of attrition resulted in several championship hopefuls hanging on with the ultimate objective of finishing the races rather than counting on previously thought out strategies.

In the process, Scott Nicol also set a qualifying lap record of 1:

A La Villa Le Carré exposition éphémère de la collection Heritage Molteni &C., rééditions des icônes du designer Gio Ponti. Bénéficiez de 10% de remise sur toutes les commandes.

When people say “It’s numbers matching” – what they mean is the engine or other component, i. If it does – it’s “numbers matching”, otherwise – it’s not. Some folks use these terms loosely, or will say “numbers correct” or something to that effect. But numbers correct is not numbers matching. Again, it either matches or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t match – is it correct?

Numbers matching is important when you’re trying to decode a Z28 or Super Sport where the VIN won’t identify the vehicle as such.

Why do you live in Victoria : VictoriaBC

Published in Organists’ Review: August This version last revised: In this version of the article I have included some pictures and diagrams which did not form part of the original. On the whole it was well received, although there were a few in the trade who obviously found the turning over of this particular stone rather uncomfortable.

MonMecanicien @mon_mecanicien Nous rendons la reparation automobile simple, transparente et abordable. , 1er réseau de mécaniciens mobiles et indépendants.

The villa is approached by a long private drive and is very secluded. St Barts is a very safe island. The villas to the left are well hidden. Parking is right by the villa. We’ve visited the island many times stayed at list of villas! While all are beautiful in their own right none are as beautiful, peaceful and private as this villa.

Villa Henson is about 70 meters ft above the Caribbean sea and in the mornings you can sometimes see turtles swimming below. There are no other villas below Villa Henson. We have probably one of the best views of any villa on the island. The view is due west so the sun sets virtually opposite between Saba and St Martin, depending on the time of year.

On the horizon you can see north to south St. Kitts and Nevis and the entrance to the port of Gustavia. I have even seen Montserrat further south! The swiming poolnow heated, is perfectly placed on the terrace in front of the living room.


Seven years ago cooking became one of my biggest joys. Granted, I wasn’t a trained chef, nor was I a restaurateur. I turned to culinary arts as a getaway from rocky marriage days. An original, the first ever Second Helpings, Please!

Transmission (Low EP) topic. Transmission EP is an EP by the indie rock band Low. It was released in on Vernon Yard Recordings. The title track is a cover .

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The multi-time Sportsman Series champ started fourth in the June 18 season-opener at the half-mile oval and took the lead halfway through the lap affair, en route to victory lane. Dion Verhoeven started on the inside of the front row and led laps 3 through 49 until he tangled with lapped traffic, thereby turning the top spot over to Robblee, who hails from Dorchester, ON. Although he said his car was tough to handle, Robblee survived the onslaught. Alguire and Munro claimed the final podium positions.

If I ever get the money to purchase a 6-speed or better for my car, just before I put it in, I’d love to pop a welded center diff in with the stock 5-speed so I can put all my HP to the rear for some fun on the track, until something breaks.

Santa figurines in various poses adorn the shelves, and bowls of candy canes and jelly beans provide envelope lickers with a sweet reprieve. Seasonal cards hang from a string along the ceiling, prayer flags of a different denomination. And in the back left corner, a woman younger than Mrs. Claus and taller than an elf stamped the Christmas Island postmark on a tumbling stack of cards. Yet no purists made a ruckus when former postmistress Margaret Rose MacNeil proposed a pictorial postmark that played up the holly-jolly appellation.

The first one came out in , featuring a wreath encircled by the letters of the town. A Christmas Island tradition was born. We make design changes — we may take away the leaves or add ornaments. I like its message of wishing for good health. Occasionally, a car drives by. Frequently, that car stops outside the front door. In the absence of a diner, a bar or a barbershop, the post office has become a giant water cooler, where locals swap news and good wishes.

They keep it around until mid-January.

(Old Canadian Electric Locomotives, Electric Trains)

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Its action clips away at a full-tilt pace, taking its protagonists from their homes in Portugal to as far north as Norway, as far south as Jerusalem, and many other places in between. The author of this romance, like the authors of Octavian, Bevis of Hampton, Eglamour, Isumbras, and Ipomedon, serves up deeds of derring-do episode after episode, his staple aesthetic being fearless chivalric heroics in the face of fearsome and surely insurmountable odds.

Audiences in the fifteenth century, no doubt, came to Torrent expecting a tale of bash-up physical adventure, and in this respect they found exactly what they were looking for. In many ways, then, Sir Torrent of Portingale offers an exemplary expression of mature Middle English romance. The romance is also entirely uninterested in masking its abundant efforts to feed the expectations of late-medieval readers of popular literature. In terms of plot, for instance, the author seems to adopt a strategy of amplifying and multiplying established romance tropes.

There are magic swords, magic horses, and token rings; lions, griffins, leopards, bears, and apes; two child abductions, three rudderless boats, three fights between father and sons; so many dragon fights that at one point Torrent loses count line , and so many giants that Torrent does not even bother keeping count line

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