Crossed Lines: New Territories of Design

Crossed Lines: New Territories of Design

ISBN: 8495951444

ISBN 13: 9788495951441

Publication Date: December 01, 2003

Publisher: Actar

Pages: 166

Format: Spiral-bound

Author: Actar

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The frontiers between the traditional disciplines of design are blurring, blurring, gone. This publication, determinedly interdisciplinary and at times vague or unclassifiable, engenders exchanges, blends, transactions, frictions, and superimpositions. It sketches a map of contemporary design territory showing new points of convergence and exciting crossings of information and action, suggesting heretofore unexplored paths of investigation. Crossed Lines: New Territories of Design seeks to identify this new cartography of design and, in so doing, fixes its gaze on the relevant processes, movements, strategies, alliances, objects, and authors. This publication selects 39 pieces of diverse conception, format, and creation, each of which represents a point of convergence, but also a point of departure. Defying disciplinary label or any other form of classification, they have the capacity to generate their own universe, well beyond the simple crossing of disciplines. Crossed Lines offers an introduction to this new frontier or mutant territory, suggesting hybrid forms and also recasting disciplinary orthodoxy by incorporating new creative parameters and new attitudes towards investigation, thereby generating new objects, new spaces, and new images: in short, new stimuli for our collective imagination. Designers/artists/agitators/architects include Actar Arquitectura, Atelier Bow-wow, Dunne & Raby, Do+Droog Design=Do Create, Hilde de Decker, El Perro, LOT-EK, Lucy Orta, Michael Lin, Neasden Control Centre, NO.MAD, Sixis Motiongraphics, and Tord Boontje.

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