Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionary: American English 2-Color Edition

Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionary: American English 2-Color Edition

ISBN: 0983038147

ISBN 13: 9780983038146

Publication Date: May 19, 2015

Publisher: I.M.Press

Pages: 462

Format: Paperback

Authors: Diane M. Frank, Gabrielle M. Purcell, Abigail Marshall

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Over 70,000 entries of commonly used American English words with multiple misspellings per word based upon their phonetic sound. Brief definitions allow for quickly ascertaining the proper word you wish to use. Extensive cross-referencing allows for words that are either similar in meaning and/or spelling. All available prefixes are defined. Each correctly spelled word lists all potential suffix endings leaving no guesswork as to how to spell the future and past tense of a word. Use this reference tool as a bridge to go from the sound of your word to a standard dictionary if further comprehension is needed. Misspelled words are printed in a second color to allow differentiation between a properly spelled word and a misspelled word. Proper nouns are not listed unless they are common in everyday communication. Proper nouns which are included in this resource tool; days of the week, months of the year, common medical and legal terms, common plants, animals and others which can be cross-referenced with a word which may not be a proper noun. Helpful for English as a First Language (ESL) for 3rd-5th grade, English as a Second Language (ESL) and anyone who is dyslexic, autistic, or has any other learning disability. Also helpful to those who simply want to quickly find the spelling of their word phonetically. For poets seeking rhyming words and synonyms and for those who want to know how suffix endings are spelled out when added to a root word. This book has been accepted by some California nursing schools as admissible to use in exams. As well, the book is designed for use in all testing/exams by all school levels.

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