Hand In Hand He Walks With Me

Hand In Hand He Walks With Me

ISBN 13: 9781370355426

Publication Date: July 02, 2017

Publisher: Mary Serrette

Format: ebook

Author: Mary Serrette

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Journey from the depths of the Matura Forest to the fields of waving rice stalks in Central Trinidad and marvel at one woman’s life through it all.
This is the story of Mary Serrette – a story filled with trials, heart break, and loss, and her courage to persevere against all odds to attain her dreams of love, family life, and personal success. Hers’ is a journey that leads to spiritual enlightenment as she seeks out her life’s purpose.
A tale spun from the 1830’s post-colonial Trinidad, it bridges the complexities of ethnic identity, explores the richness of this country’s multi-cultural heritage, and takes you across the years to her life in 21st century Trinidad.

Hand in Hand He Walks with Me is a bitter-sweet journey of love and sacrifice that steals your heart and leaves you pondering your own path.

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