Bride: Part One

Bride: Part One

ISBN: 1495308731

ISBN 13: 9781495308734

Publication Date: January 27, 2014

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 82

Format: Paperback

Author: J H

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Created as a companion for a monstrous man that shouldn't be. The setup is familiar, but perhaps not the perspective we've seen before. Bride: Part One follows our doomed heroine as she awakens, alone, confused and virtually blind, and discovers the horrible truth about who she is and why she exists. Her only company is brilliant but disturbed doctor and his twisted assistant. It's a look at a classic story from the inside out. Author's note: This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people, places or events is entirely coincidental. Aspects of this story are inspired by the novel "Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelly, which is in the public domain. I consider this story both horror and erotica, two genres that I believe share very similar head-space. Mental and emotional neighbors, so to speak. In that spirit, I feel it's my obligation to preface this with, perhaps not a warning, but a suggestion that if graphic explorations of horror and sexuality are not to your taste, then this is likely not the story for you. It is a story about adults, written for a adults. It is over 26k words and is the first in a planned trilogy. The cover was designed by me, using a photograph graciously provided by Kimberley Joanne Sinclair (

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