Congregation of Darkness (Full Moon #2)

Congregation of Darkness (Full Moon #2)

Publication Date: November 21, 2013

Publisher: P.A. Mattern

Pages: 424

Format: Kindle Edition

Authors: P. Mattern, J.C. Estall

4.66 of 54

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What if you could start completely over?
Clean slate
Without limitations, or disabilities
Without human failures of any kind-
And all it cost was your SOUL.
The question is:
Would you do it?
Well... would you?

Book Two of Full Moon Series, CONGREGATION OF DARKNESS chronicles the continuing adventures of vampire Charley Rabbit, his mother Mitzi and their 'modern family' of V-net vamps. While dhampir Byron Chance recovers from near fatal wounds, Lord Earl Adrastos overcomes his paralysis and once again turns his attentions toward Mitzi.Several towns away, 18 year old Carey Floyd barely survives an attack by a hybrid vampire swarm and, having been marked, runs for his life inadvertently endangering everyone he comes into contact with, including teenaged Kimbra and her little sister Channing.

Meanwhile, in the karstland caves of Indiana, the lone survivor of a slaughtered group of campers becomes queen to the last Fourth Bitten Vampire in existence.

Death, new life, betrayals and steamy romance highlight the latest installment in the Full Moon Saga.

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