Marriage Has No Formula

Marriage Has No Formula

ISBN: 1516856775

ISBN 13: 9781516856770

Publication Date: August 25, 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 106

Format: Paperback

Authors: Mrs Naomi K Molefe, P.S. George Mahlobo, Mrs Didi Biloane

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COMMENTS: "Blunt but necessary," Didi Bilwane "A very relevant book in our day," Thulani and Portia Wilson "Excellent work. I think the institution of marriage in South Africa is going through turbulent times and its 'wheels' are coming off. This is largely due to lack of Biblical values in the building and running of our families. Our society's cohesion and strength lies in families that are God fearing and driven by Biblical values." Pastor George Mahlobo One of four definitions of the word FORMULA means, "a general law" and examples given are of mathematical and chemical formulae. A second definition is, "a list of substances" used in making something, such as a medicine, a fuel, a drink, etc.; sometimes also including a description of how they should be mixed. Thirdly, the word FORMULA is describes as, "a combination of things, events, etc., which will lead almost unavoidably to the stated or expected result. Lastly, FORMULA can also mean, "a combination of suggestions, plans, etc., that can be agreed on by both sides. Let us explore these formulae to find out if we can successfully use them in marriage. The book is packed with true life stories of men and women who succumbed to the situations in their marriages and some who prevailed and made it work. As you read this book you will realize that sometimes you got it right and at other times you got it wrong, but what the hack, we are all work in progress!!!

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