Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

ISBN: 0099498596

ISBN 13: 9780099498599

Publication Date: June 01, 2006

Publisher: Arrow

Pages: 722

Format: Paperback

Authors: Maeve Binchy, René Huigen, Frans Thomése

4.01 of 49,271

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Big, generous-hearted Benny and the elfin Eve Malone have been best friends growing up in sleepy Knockglen. Their one thought is to get to Dublin, to university and to freedom...

On their first day at University College, Dublin, the inseparable pair are thrown together with fellow students Nan Mahon, beautiful but selfish, and handsome Jack Foley. But trouble is brewing for Benny and Eve's new circle of friends, and before long, they find passion, tragedy - and the independence they yearned for.

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